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Gloucester Township Black History Month Celebration 2024

When: February 26, 2024 Council Meeting
Where: Council Chambers

Every February, Gloucester Township Mayor and Council celebrate Black History Month by honoring outstanding African American members of our community. Nominations are now being accepted for exemplary citizens who have demonstrated significant contributions in community service, personal or professional achievements, or general good deeds that have impacted favorably on our citizens.

The nomination must include an essay supporting the nominee’s accomplishments. The nominations will be evaluated by a three-member panel appointed by the Mayor. The awards will be presented on February 26, 2024 during the Gloucester Township Council Meeting at the Gloucester Township Municipal Building.

As of Thursday, February 8, 2024 at 5:00 PM, the nomination submission period has ended.

Gloucester Township Black History Month Past Honorees

Samuel Siler
Andrea Stubbs
Takisha Ford
Dymir Arthur – Highland High School
Ladun Somoye – Triton High School
Dominique Padgett- Timber Creek High School

Maxine Scott
James Medley, Jr.
Charlotte Davis Rose
Ptl. John Bullock
Nelson Evans – Teacher – Glen Landing School
Frederick Johnson – Asst. Principal – Lilley School
Adrianna McKinney – Highland High School
Kendra Browne – Timber Creek High School
Brittney Henry – Charles W. Lewis School
Lyric Thompson – Glen Landing School
Ashley Taylor – Ann A. Mullen School

Mary Lee
Katherine L. Thomas
Michael Martin
Bishop David Evans
Mukeni Ntumba – Triton High School
Lamont Marcus – Highland High School
Yolande Greene – Timber Creek High School
Takisha Ford – Teacher – Charles W. Lewis
Angele Nsenga – Student – Charles W. Lewis
Lygia Haye – Teacher – Ann A. Mullen School
Breania Hester – Student – Ann A. Mullen School
Gail Roberts – Teacher – Glen Landing School
Imahni Ellison – Student – Glen Landing School

Phillip Williams
Walter Dority
Eugene Lawrence
Samuel Siler
Crystal Evans
Shannon Morton
Dion Davis – Gloucester Twp. Public Schools
Renee Caldwell – Teacher- Blackwood Elementary
Valdon Daniel III – Teacher – C.W. Lewis
Ashley Dougan – Triton High School
Aleisha Potter – Highland High School
Katrina Smith – Timber Creek High School
Ryan Norman – C. W. Lewis School

Felicia L. Reid
Sarah Bass Young
Ronald Padgett
Angela Rose-Bounds
Derrick Evans
Taryn-Renay Corsey – Student – Triton High School
Lynette Jones – Student – Highland High School
Colby Winfield – Teacher- Highland High School
Mike Martin – Student – Timber Creek High School
Robert Hinson- Teacher/Coach – Timber Creek High School
Brandon Carter – Student- Charles W. Lewis School
Vanessa Echevarria – Teacher – Charles W. Lewis School
Corey Harvey – Teacher – Ann A. Mullen School
Khalief Green – Student – Ann A. Mullen School
Wade Inge – Teacher – Glen Landing School
Imani Henderson – Student – Glen Landing School

Tanya Brown
Joyce Ellis
Florence Lindsey
Paulette Crawford
Terry McPhillip
Harold Little
Garry Saunders
Virginia Smith
Reginald C. Stevenson
Theresa Williams
Dexter Smith
Keesha Patterson
Eric W. J. Lawrence
Anthony Williams – Teacher – Highland High School
Aadilah McRae – Student – Highland High School
Alyce Milakovic – Student – Triton High School
Ivy Pickney-Davis – Teacher – Timber Creek Regional High
Montez Blair – Student – Timer Creek Regional High School
Sheree Nicole Alexander – Teacher – Charles W. Lewis
Maryon Day – Student – Charles W. Lewis
David Gunter – Glen Landing
Marshall Ceaser – Teacher – Ann A. Mullen

Phyllis Giusti
Celeste Battle
Jernee Kollock – Vice Principal, Triton High School
Vincent Shockley – Student – Highland High School
Christopher Rice – Student – Triton High School
Jordan Crowley – Student -Timber Creek Regional High
Chad King – Student -Timber Creek Regional High
Bertha Gibbs – Student -Timber Creek Regional High
Tammi Tal’lease Jackson – Student – Charles W. Lewis
Schyler Edwards – Student – Glen Landing

Rev. Dr. William King
Curtis Phillips
Karlon Hickman
Louis Peebles
Alecia Inge – Teacher – Charles W. Lewis School
Kasha L. Giddins – Vice Principal – Highland High School
Marisa Palmer – Timber Creek High School
Barry Barnett, Jr. – Timber Creek High School
Alexa Mock – Ann Mullen Middle School

Dr. Michael DeShields
Destiny Garey – Student – Triton High School
Verna Karim
Mikhel Harrison – Student – Highland High School
Chelsie Hopkins – Student – Highland High School
Lucinda Ackah-Toffee
Abiodun Fakolujo – Student- Triton High School
Ron Tinsley
Benjamin Coates
Dr. Melvin Pierson
Tenazia Custis – Student – C.W. Lewis School
Adrian Adams – Student – Triton High School
Ashley Hudson – Student – Timber Creek High School
Sonimi Halliday – Student – Timber Creek High School

Jayson Pinnock –Student—C.W. Lewis School
Quadier Lewis –Student—Highland HS
Takiyah McLean –Student—Highland HS
Jamil Grant—Student—Highland HS
Ke’yonnie Mitchell –Student—Triton HS
Myrtle Salley
Jeffrey Booker—Student—Triton HS
Sabrina Umstead Smith
Jasmira Lewis—Student—Timber Creek HS
Jahleel Coleman—Student—Timber Creek HS
Joel Grant—Student—Timber Creek HS
Brianna Golden—Student—Timber Creek HS

Ahmed Mustafa—Student—Highland HS
Adedamola Dairo—Student—C.W. Lewis MS
Morgan Reid—Student—Highland HS
Annie Culver
Juwan Chambers—Student—Triton HS
Bendjee Saint Vil
Dylan Ellis—Student—Glen Landing MS
Kettchell Johnson
LaWayne Williams
Ifany Achu—Student—Timber Creek HS
Cameron Allen—Student—Timber Creek HS
Coleman Cosby—Student—Timber Creek HS
Briana Edmonds—Student—Timber Creek HS
Richard Bolds

Aaron Rose
Omotara Dairo—Student–CW Lewis MS
Taylor Redd—Student–Glen Landing MS
Alana Swinton—Student—Highland HS
Oluseun Dairo—Student—Highland HS
Brittany Martin—Student—Timber Creek HS
Joshua Mott—Student—Timber Creek HS
Alan Butler—Student—Timber Creek HS
Karim Fisher
Treyallen Jackson—Student—Mullen MS
Nanette Allen
Tyra-Renai Robinson—Student –Triton HS
Chanel Jordan—Student—Triton HS
Aaron Bailey—Student—Triton HS
Kianna Ford—Student—Triton HS
Theodore Liddell

Amea Hall
Jason Butler—Student—Timber Creek HS
Abigail Saint-Vil—Student—Mullen MS
Donsil Harris—Student—Highland HS
Summer Pierce—Student—Timber Creek HS
True Lawrence
LaNya Harbison—Student—Highland HS
Staci Bell
Kevine Nchinda
Tarique Mustafa—Student—Highland HS
Myiah Sturdivant—Student—Timber Creek HS
Shamira Robinson

Kanai Dismus
Tony Brown Jr.
Madison Allen
Julia Robinson
Renee Michel
Amira Guy
David Honey
George Hill
Jamayka Young
Donetta Beatty

Kwame Amonu
Nya Foster
Olaseinde Fakolujo
Gregory Mock
Makema Grimes
Lauren Hill
Paul Williams
Verna Karim
Jennifer Harley
Grace Simmons

Stacy Gay
Robert “Bobby” Harris
Edward Ferguson
Asa Cross—student—Triton HS
Lamoire White—student—Timber Creek HS
Emory Moore—student—Timber Creek HS
Zoe Glover—student—Timber Creek HS
Jordana Simmons
Christopher Still—student—Triton HS
Allysia Edwards—student at Highland HS

None due to the pandemic

None due to the pandemic

None due to the pandemic

Ava Cooper
Byron Carmichael
Daejah Purnell
Ilona Bruce
Kayla Cisrow
Kelly McKenzie
Najatene’ Saunders
Nasir Ali-Gilliard
Willie (Will) A. Smith II
Tyler Hines

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