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Help Gloucester Township Recycle Smarter in 2019!

Learn more about recycling plastic bags & film here:

As we jump into the new year, Gloucester Township would like to thank our residents for being proactive when it comes to recycling and for the continued effort to make our town an environment-friendly community. In 2018, our township collected 6,102.54 tons of recyclables making it 76.61 more tons than the previous year! By actively removing recyclables from regular trash flow, we help save our environment as well as tax dollars.

There are still many myths when it comes to what can and can’t be recycled. However, recycling became easier than ever before when Mayor David Mayer introduced single-stream recycling to Gloucester Township in 2011.

In Gloucester Township, you can recycle:

  • glass containers that were previously used for food or beverages (these may be clear, brown, or green glass);
  • metal containers such as aluminum, tin, or bi-metal food and beverage containers;
  • plastic containers/cartons that ONLY display the plastic class types #1 and #2 recycling triangle WITHOUT the lids;
  • residential paper which refers to newspaper and all of its inserts, catalogs, chipboard (beer & soda cartons), cereal boxes, computer paper, envelopes, gift boxes, greeting cards, junk mail, magazines, non-metallic wrapping paper, office paper, paper toilet/towel rolls, phone books, pizza boxes (without food stains), paper-back text books and work books.
  • Also, all types of flattened, folded in half/cut down corrugated cardboard (put in cart vertically so cart will completely empty).
  • Please do not recycle grass, leaves and brush, electronics, construction debris, diapers, Styrofoam, vinyl, food and pet waste, liquids or trash of any kind in your recycling cart.

Gloucester Township would also like to remind residents that you should NEVER bag recyclables. In fact, plastic bags are the worst contaminant in the recycling stream and should NEVER go in your recycling cart. When a flimsy plastic bag such as your traditional grocery bag or plastic film gets into the system, it gets caught in sorting machines increasing waste and the cost of the entire process in both time and labor. Plastic bags should be returned to retailers who will recycle the bags; or you can simply go ahead and re-use them as trash-can liners, to pick-up after your dog, or you can reduce their use altogether by transitioning to reusable grocery bags. Do your part and help Gloucester Township recycle smarter in 2019!

Learn more about recycling plastic bags & film here:

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