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Single Stream Recycling Information

Text HELLO to CITIBOT 856-644-6414


Single Stream Automation Recycling

One Container – No Separating

Recycling collection days have not changed.

Call the Gloucester Township MUA at (856)227-5665 OR (856)227-8666 with questions.

Begin using your new cart now. Sorting recyclables is no longer necessary; all recyclables go into the same container. Please, do not put any markings on your cart as it is Township property; each cart will have an identification number and RFID tag that corresponds with your address. These carts will be collected by automated trucks with a mechanical arm which lifts then empties and returns it to curbside. The automated trucks cameras and a scanner to view and record the cart, curbside area, as well as the recyclable material it empties. The cameras will ensure that contaminants and illegal materials aren’t in the carts and insure the safety of the drivers and the public.

Please note: continue to put shredded paper in a stapled brown paper bag so it will not blow out of the cart onto the street while unloading.

Use your cart space wisely, compress and flatten recyclables to maximize cart space. All recyclable material must fit in cart with the lid closed in order to be picked up; any recycling material left outside the recycling cart will not be picked up. Please review the following frequently asked questions. If you have further questions call the Gloucester Township MUA at (856)227-5665 OR (856)227-8666.

How should I set my cart out for collection?

  • Carts placed on the curb must be no more than 2 feet from the street.
  • Carts placed in street should have the wheels touching the curb.
  • Arrows on the cart lid must be pointing towards street or cart cannot be collected.
  • Cart must be at least 5 feet away from any obstacles such as additional carts, mailboxes, trash, utility poles, vehicles and yard waste.
  • Automated collectoin requires a 15 foot overhead clearance, keep cart away from low hanging trees and wires.
  • Don’t overload your cart, lid must be fully closed.
  • Carts must be on level ground.


How do I move my cart?

  • Moving the cart is easy, put your foot between the wheels at the rear of the cart and tilt back slightly.

When should I set my cart out for collection?

  • Recycling crews start their day early so the cart should be put out after 4:00 pm the night before, and no later than 5 am on collection day. This will allow the crews to occasionally start their collection day early in case of inclement weather or double routes due to holidays.

    Can I drill holes in the bottom of the cart?

  • Yes, you may drill holes for drainage in your own can in the bottom of the cart. Holes are to be no larger than 1/4″ in diameter.

How do I care for my cart?

  • Carts are very sturdy but occasionally hosing your cart and letting it air dry with the lid open will help keep the cart odor free and your neighborhood clean. Do not store cart near any source of excessive heat.

What if I need an additional recycling cart?

  • Only Township issued carts will be collected at curb side. An additional 96 gallon cart may be purchased for $35 from the GTMUA.

My can is too large, is there a smaller size?

  • If a resident has a valid concern about the size of their cart and would like a smaller 64 gallon cart, please call the GTMUA. Requests for smaller cart will be reviewed on a case by case basis, one exchange per household.

What should I do if my cart is broken?

  • Carts broken by Township crews will be repaired or replaced at the GTMUA’s discretion. If carts are broken by a resident, they will be responsible for replacement or repair.

Who do I contact if my cart is missing?

  • If you cart is missing or stolen, contact the GTMUA at (856)227-5665 OR (856)227-8666.

What do I do with the old yellow can?

  • The yellow can is your property. It may be used for leaves, grass, branches or yard debris or can be returned to Public Works to the GTMUA.

What is the recycling schedule?

You can find your recycling schedule on the Public Works page.

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