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Department of Law

The Township Attorney/Director of the Department of Law serves as legal advisor to the Mayor and Council on all matters of Township business and approves as to form and sufficiency all legal documents, contracts, deeds, ordinance and resolutions made, executed or adopted by or on behalf of the Township and represents the Township in all judicial and administrative proceedings in which the Municipality or any of its officers or agencies may be a party or have an interest.

Within the Department of Law and under the supervision of the Municipal Attorney, there shall be a division of the Prosecutor, the division of the Public Defender, the division of the Rent Stabilization Attorney, and for the purpose of supervision, all special counsel appointed by the Mayor and Council and such other technical personnel necessary to carry out the functions of the Department of Law.

Settlement information derived from litigation matters concerning the Township of Gloucester can be obtained by contacting the Township Clerk’s office at 856-374-3534.

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