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Our Green Team strives to help our community live as environmentally friendly as possible, and also as purely and healthfully as possible. It means making the most of our resources in the most beneficial ways. Sustainable Gloucester Township’s Green Team explores ways in which the community can be changed or educated to benefit our environment and health.
Please be sure to check out the GO local! section of our site. GO local! is a directory of many of our local shops and businesses are listed here so that you may decide to GO local! first when you shop.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before beginning to improve the world.” -Anne Frank

Sustainability may be described as our responsibility to proceed in a way that will sustain life in our community, for our health, happiness, and our environment, that will allow our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to live comfortably in a friendly, clean and healthy world.

About Sustainable Gloucester Township

SGT is founded on the evolving principles of today’s world that demands drastic change to ensure life on Earth in the coming decades. With Councilwoman Michelle Gentek as the council liaison for the Green Team of SGT as well as the active involvement of several other community members, the quest for sustainability will not be made alone. The Green Team offers numerous ways to become engaged in this effort on every level. Involvement ranges from the Municipal Green Team to the Community Green Team as well as the Green Team Juniors and Green Team Teens for our environmental enthusiasts in the primary and secondary schools. To accomplish the immense changes that must be made for our future, we must move towards sustainability now. Your effort will help lead us there.

Sustainable Gloucester Township Mission Statement

Sustainable Gloucester Township (SGT) aims to improve the conditions of our only home, Earth, not just for ourselves but for future generations to come. This can only be attained by beginning the laborious journey to sustainability with one step forward. By organizing and encouraging community-based task forces such as the Green Team and educating our residents on important matters regarding sustainability, we strive to assist our community in achieving a more sustainable environment.
SGT is a neighborhood-oriented group, and due to this, we understand that it will take the effort of every single person to reach this crucial goal. Therefore, it is essential to launch and cherish relationships with all those involved in the South Jersey area: governments, businesses, schools, faith establishments, and all other community groups and individuals. However, grassroots cannot solely complete the marathon to sustainability. For change of the large scale variety to become realized, governments and corporations must provide leadership and pave the way. To do this, input from educated and passionate communities must be applied to these entities. For a brighter tomorrow, we must begin today by drawing open the shades and letting in the sun.

Mayor’s Wellness Campaign Mission Statement
The mission of the Mayors Wellness Campaign is to equip mayors and other key leaders with the tools to develop and implement active-living initiatives in their communities with the ultimate goal of improving health and reducing the skyrocketing health care costs that come with the obesity problem in New Jersey (

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