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Boards & Commissions of Gloucester Township

The Blackwood Lake Advisory Committee is a seven member committee that is appointed by the members of the council. The purpose of the Blackwood Lake Advisory Committee is to work to preserve and restore the lake, the surrounding area and the Blackwood Lake Trail as a natural resource.

The Blackwood Lake Advisory Committee Mission

Protect, restore and improve the Blackwood Lake area as an acclaimed recreational destination and wildlife refuge. Preserve the Blackwood Lake ecosystem for future generations to enjoy.

Promoting Environmental Education, Preservation and Community Awareness in
Gloucester Township Blackwood Lake Advisory Committee is charged with making our residents aware of the natural beauty of the lake and surrounding area and to promote its preservation. We oversee cleanup and maintenance projects for Blackwood Lake and the Church Street dam, as well as the historic pump house and caboose, and the walking and Blackwood Rail-Trail bicycle path. We make recommendations to Gloucester Township Council for projects to enhance the area and work closely with the Public Works Department on maintenance and safety issues. Our goals are to restore the splendor that Blackwood Lake once enjoyed, minimize impact, and promote a healthy habitat for plant, animal and microbial life. Regular lakeside cleanups and hydro-raking have improved the water quality.

The lake is once again a popular destination for recreational fishing. Plants and wildlife are repopulating the water and surrounding area. We must continue to be proactive and vigilant to maintain the unique physical and biological characteristics of Blackwood Lake as a vital and enduring legacy for the community to enjoy now and in the future.

Environmental Education

BLAC sponsors an annual contest for Gloucester Township elementary school students to raise awareness of the importance of the preservation of our natural resources and the Blackwood Lake ecosystem. The winning students and their projects are recognized with United States Savings Bonds and all children receive awards for participation.

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Emergency Services Management Committee is a committee made up of twenty-one members that have a three year term. Their purpose is to decide how and by whom an emergency should be handled.

Environmental and Open Space Advisory Committee is a committee of five Mayor appointed members, a council liaison, one Planning Board member, one Zoning Board member and three regular members. The purpose of this committee is to promote the conservation and development of the natural resources of the township. The committee is also involved with planning, implementing and informing the general public with respect to local conservation programs.

Historic and Scenic Preservation Committee is a committee that this made up of no more than fifteen members who serve a five year term and are appointed by the Council. The purpose of the committee is to survey the Township of Gloucester for the preparation of a program for the identification, acquisition, preservation and maintenance of historic and scenic sites and landmarks. It also seeks the voluntary advice of historians, historical societies, architects and other persons who would have the knowledge and expertise in carrying out the functions of the Committee.

Housing Authority is a committee made up of six members, appointed by Council every five years, and one state committee member. Its purpose is to assist the people of Gloucester Township obtain and maintain decent, safe, and affordable housing & services suitable to their unique housing needs. In carrying out this mission, the Housing Authority will provide leadership, maximize resources, and promote partnerships to develop and implement sound housing policy.

Human Relations Commission is a commission made up of seven to fifteen members that serve two year terms and are appointed by the Mayor. The purpose of this Commission is to promote good relations between all peoples of this community and to demonstrate a high regard for the protection of the civil rights of all persons. Its ultimate goal is the integration of all unique human differences into a unified community.

Human Relations Commission Minutes

Multiple Dwelling Commission
is a commission made up four members, Council, and Mayor. The members are appointed by the Council and serve a one year term.

Municipal Utilities Authority is an authority made up of five members who serve a five year term and are Council appointed. The purpose of the Municipal Utilities Authority is to provide the residents of Gloucester Township with high quality, reliable and cost-effective waste services. The Gloucester Township Municipal Utilities Authority is committed to operate and maintain our facilities safely and economically while protecting the public health and the environment.

Planning Board is a committee made up of eight members appointed by the Mayor and one Councilperson to serve four year terms. The purpose of the Planning Board is to develop the Township Master Plan and zoning ordinances regulating land use throughout the Township. The Gloucester Township Planning Board is charged with hearing applications that comply with township ordinances for land subdivision and commercial site plans such as applications to change lot lines, subdivide land into additional developable lots, site plans for commercial, industrial or office development and changes in permitted uses.

Advisory Committee for Recreation & Parks is a committee made up of seven members, appointed by Council, and one Councilmember. Its purpose is to survey, project and balance the recreational needs of all residents of the Township of Gloucester through identification, planning and formulation of recommended resource allocation. This Committee also inspects any and all parks and recreational sites and premises owned and maintained by the Township of Gloucester as well as other sites and premises owned and operated by other public and private organizations and utilized by the Township of Gloucester in meeting recreational needs.

Zoning Board of Adjustment is a board made up of seven members that serve four year terms and are Council appointed. The Board’s purpose is to provide relief from zoning requirements that cannot be satisfied by granting variances from the bulk and dimensional requirements of the Ordinance.  This Board can grant a variance for a use not specifically permitted in a zone, hear appeals from the decision of the Zoning Officer or Administrative Officer, and interpret the zoning ordinance and zoning map.

Mayor’s Youth Leadership Alliance (MYLA) is a group of 30 Administrator choosen Juniors and Seniors from our Township’s high schools. Together, the students, Mayor David Mayer, and co-chairs Blake Clemmer and John Huhn meet monthly and allows students to get thier voices heard and learn about how local government is run. We look forward to seeing MYLA continue to grow far into the future with different ideas and plans arranged by our township’s youth.

Community Impact Council of Gloucester Township is a volunteer organization open to all residents of Gloucester Township. It is the CIC’s mission to involve residents of all ages in various community projects that will make a beneficial and positive impact in our community. Meetings are held monthly and have an open forum, in which discussions are held regarding the potential of any and all ideas for upcoming future projects. Every idea is welcomed and will be heard, whether it is an neighborhood area or within the township, such as a park, field or empty lot, that may need attention. If it is a concern, the CIC would like to know about it and by working together, come up with a solution. The CIC also partners with other groups and organizations from Gloucester Township to participate and assist with various projects and events. The CIC will keep members informed on any and all projects that are happening throughout the township, including the group that is hosting the event and contact information, if you are interested in volunteering. At some of the meetings, guest speakers provide information and project ideas that are beneficial to the township. Advertisements are on Channel #19, Gloucester Township Bulletin Boards and the township website regarding the date, time and location of all of our meetings and upcoming community projects.

For more information or to volunteer for an upcoming project, please call (856) 228-4000, Ext. 210 or email the CIC at

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