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Municipal Assessor

Assessor’s Office Functions

The Assessor’s Office and Municipal Assessor have the statutory responsibility of maintaining property record data for all of the Township’s 22,500 parcels.

The Assessor must maintain up-to-date maps and all property record information such as names, addresses, and deed information.

The Assessor is also responsible for maintaining the property record card, which contains the assessment calculation and description.

The office also reviews and maintains all property deductions (seniors, veterans, disabled), farmland applications, income and expenses statements, abatements, and exemptions.



About Your Property Taxes And Assessments

Property Taxes are the result of a calculation when your assessment is multiplied by the tax rate. The Assessor has no control over your property taxes in so far as the assessed value usually remains the same, but the tax rate changes year to year.

The tax rate is established by the taxing authorities (County, Schools, Municipality, and Fire Districts) based on their annual Budgets. Concerns about the amount of the Budget and tax rate need to be addressed to these authorities.

Property assessments were established by the last Revaluation in 2010. All assessments were established and certified by the County and State to be at 100% of market value. Assessments in 2010 came in at approximately 96% of market value, but due to economic conditions the average is 100.96% as certified by the State. Since all appraisals/assessments are an opinion of value, the State allows for assessments to be within +/- 15% of market value to be deemed to be correct.

Appeals can be made to the Assessor in October and November, and to the County from Feb 1-April 1 each year. Evidence must be shown that the property is overvalued. Evidence such as comparable sales (cannot use distressed sales such as short sales, foreclosures, bank sales, sales of vacant homes, or estate sales) or an appraisal (cannot use a refinance appraisal). Appraiser must be available to testify at the hearing.

County appeal forms are available on the Camden County Board of Taxation website.
Taxpayer Bill of Rights



Property Tax Deductions

Senior Citizens or Permanently and Totally Disabled Persons are entitled to a $250 tax deduction (income limitations). Veterans and Widows of Vets who are honorably discharged from active duty during time of conflict are also entitled to a $250 tax deduction. Disabled veterans are eligible for exemption status. Contact the office for applications.



Tax Abatements and Exemptions

Home Improvement exemptions are available for improvements made to a 20 year or older home up to $15,000 in assessed value for 5 years. Applications must be filed with the Assessor within 30 days upon completion of the improvement. Special Tax Abatements are also available for Commercial and Industrial Properties as an incentive to develop or redevelop in areas in need of rehabilitation. Preliminary application and request for consideration must be presented PRIOR to any development application or permit application. Contact the Assessor for further details.


Gloucester Township Tax Map


It is recommended to use Internet Explorer for full functionality of this feature.

Gloucester Township Municipal Map Access Instructions:

1. Download and install Adobe Reader, if you do not already have program.

2. Once the “Tax Map” link opens to the maps, double click on the Index Map to open the PDF file.

3. Once opened, click on the “Selection Tool” icon and then hover over the area of the Index “Key Map” (1, 2 or 3) you wish to see in Gloucester Township.

4. Click on that area of the Index Map and that Key Map (1, 2 or 3) will open displaying more detail including the tax map sheet number, block number, street name, etc.

5. Using the same “Selection Tool” icon, click on the “sheet number” to open and display the tax map sheet detailing your subject property.

6. Once the “Tax Map” sheet is opened, you can then “Pan,” “Zoom,” and “Print” the entire sheet or the “current view” that you zoomed to as needed.

7. When finished, just close the window of the opened file and browse back to the “Key Map” file(s) and use the “Selection Tool” icon and click on another “Tax Map” sheet, if needed or you can close the program and exit if done.



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