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Stormwater Compliance

Gloucester Township obtains a Tier A Municipal Stormwater General Permit from New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). This permit authorizes the discharge of stormwater from municipal separate storm sewers. In general, the permit addresses stormwater quality issues related to both new and existing development. More information regarding the New Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Tier A Municipal Stormwater General Permit (NJPDES MS4 Permit) can be found online at the NJDEP website at

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan 2019

Stormwater Management Plan 2006

Solutions to Stormwater Pollution

In accordance with our NJDEP Tier A Municipal Stormwater General Permit, the Twp. adopted various Ordinances to regulate the impact of stormwater runoff and pollutants on the environment.

  1. Pet Waste: This requires pet owners to pick up and properly dispose of pet waste dropped on public or other people’s property. It prevents fecal contamination from impacting the local waterways.
    Pet Waste Ordinance
  2. Litter: This states it is unlawful to throw, drop, discard or otherwise place litter of any nature upon any public or private property, other than in a litter receptacle. This prevents unsightly & unsanitary conditions & prevent litter from impacting waterways.
    Gloucester Township Anti-Litter Ordinance
  3. Improper Disposal of Waste: This states that it is illegal to dispose of waste in any place not specifically designated for the purpose of solid waste storage or disposal. The purpose is to prevents unsanitary conditions and groundwater pollution.
    Improper Disposal of Waste Ordinance
  4. Wildlife Feeding: Feeding of water fowl on municipal park property is prohibited by Ordinance. The Township enacted the Ordinance as a method to reduce water fowl population in response to health concerns regarding bacteria which is harmful to humans and fish populations.
    Wildlife Feeding Ordinance
  5. Yard Waste: Yard waste is regulated by Ordinance which establishes the current zone collection system and the methods of collecting leaves, brush, and other yard waste. The purpose is to keep leaves and grass out of the storm sewer system.
    Yard Waste Collection Program and Containers Ordinance
  6. Illicit Connections: This makes it unlawful to connect any pipe or device to the municipal storm sewer system that is intended to discard, spill or dump any material other than stormwater runoff or ground water (sump pumps) into the system. The purpose of this Ordinance is to prevent pollution and contamination of waterways which receive discharge from our storm sewers.
    Illicit Connection Ordinance
  7. Stormwater Control: This ordinance establishes minimum stormwater management requirements and controls for major developments.
    Stormwater Management GT Ordinance Chapter 74
  8. Low Phosphorous Fertilizer: This ordinance prohibits the outdoor application of fertilizer other than low phosphorous fertilizer in the Township of Gloucester, so as to protect public health, safety and welfare.
    Low Phosphorous Fertilizer Ordinance
  9. Private Retrofitting: This requires the retrofitting of existing storm drain inlets which are in direct contact with repaving, repairing, reconstruction, or resurfacing or alterations of facilities on private property, to prevent the discharge of solids and floatables (such as plastic bottles, cans, food wrappers and other litter) to the municipal storm sewer system(s) operated by the Township of Gloucester so as to protect public health, safety and welfare.
    Private Storm Drain Inlet Retrofitting Ordinance
  10. Refuse Containers- Dumpsters: This requires dumpsters and other refuse containers that are outdoors or exposed to stormwater to be covered at all times and prohibits the spilling, dumping, leaking or otherwise discharge of liquids, semi-liquids or solids from the containers to the municipal separate storm sewer system(s) operated by the Township of Gloucester and/or the water of the State as to protect public health, safety and welfare.

    Refuse Containers- Dumpsters Ordinance

The transport of pollutants into local water bodies destroys fish, wildlife and habitats; threatens public health and causes the loss of recreational and aesthetic value. We have enacted these Ordinances to protect our environment, and to keep pollutants that are commonly conveyed by stormwater from adversely impacting our waterways and groundwater supplies.

Please keep grass clippings out of the street and our waterways. It is against DEP state and local regulations. The grass clippings clog our storm waterways and put toxic chemicals into our waterways.

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