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GTWheels Sustainable Bike Library

About the Program

Gloucester Township’s GTWheels Sustainable Bike Library operates as a free bike library. Volunteers repair donated and recovered bikes and make them available for Gloucester Township residents. Residents can borrow a refurbished bike from their municipal distribution center located at the Lakeland Complex.They may take the bike home with them, or simply go for a short ride and return it when they are done. This program will provide residents with a fun, healthy, free and green form of recreation and transportation.

The GTWheels Sustainable Bike Library is operated in partnership with the Sustainable Camden County’s BikeShare Program and Cross County Connection TMA. Camden County takes unwanted or abandoned bicycles and repairs and recycles them with the help of volunteers. The bikes are then given to participating communities.

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Free to Gloucester Township residents!

Camden County Lakeland Eco-Complex
Reagan Building
508 Lakeland Road, Gloucester Township, NJ 08012

Monday – Friday: 9AM – 4PM
Saturday: 10AM – 12PM

Phone: (856) 374-5195

How it works

Gloucester Township residents simply need to fill out this on-line membership form/survey, then visit the bike library distribution center to get a bike and sign two documents: the liability waiver and the policies and procedures document. Once you sign-up to be a GTWheels Sustainable Bike Library member, volunteers will assist you with picking out a bike that works for you and/or your children.

Borrowing can be for a short or an extended period of time – as long as the participant continues to ride. You may take the bike home and use it as your own with a few terms and conditions of membership. When you are finished using the bike, you may return it, or exchange it for a different one — just like books in a library!

There are a few terms and conditions of membership you should review in advance.

Basic Terms and Conditions of membership

  • Participants must bring identification and proof of Gloucester Township residence.
  • All adult participants, and the parent/legal guardian of participants under 18, must complete the on-line survey in advance of picking up a bike. This information helps us gauge the Bike Library’s impact in the community.
  • Upon arriving to the Bike Library, you will be required to sign an agreement and liability waiver to participate in the program.
  • Participants under 18 years of age will need a parent, or legal guardian, to complete the survey, membership form and waiver. The parent or guardian will be the Bike Library member and may borrow a bike on behalf of the minor(s). This will require the parent or legal guardian to accompany the minor to the Bike Library to obtain the bike. The parent/legal guardian may take out a bike as well!
  • Per state law, all bicyclists under 17 years of age must wear a helmet. Accordingly, participants in the program 16 years of age or younger must have a helmet in order to take a bicycle from the library. Gloucester Township does have a limited supply of helmets on-hand if your child does not have one.
  • All participants will be asked to use a helmet, secure the bike with their own lock and follow bike safety guidelines and rules of the road.
  • In order for the bikes to be in good working order, participants will be asked to bring the bike to the GTWheels Library for repair or exchange, if any problems are noted. If there is a problem with the bike, stop using it immediately and bring it back to the Bike Library as soon as possible. Contact the Bike Library at (856) 374-5195, if you have any questions or need immediate assistance.
  • Any bike borrowed from the GTWheels Library, even those in good working order, may be exchanged for a different bike. You may exchange for different bike as often as you like.
  • Additionally, we ask that every bike is brought back to the Bike Library once every four months for a periodic checkup or exchange.

Gloucester Township Bike Library Membership Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey. Cross County Connection Transportation Management Association will compile this information on behalf of Gloucester Township and Camden County. It will not be shared with anyone else. This information helps track the Bike Library’s benefits to the community and tailor associated programming and events to suit the needs of its members.
More information on Cross County Connection can be found at If you have questions or concerns call Cross County Connection at (856) 596-8228.

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