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Welcome to Gloucester Township Organic Community Garden in Glendora, NJ. The garden is located on William F. Schuck Lane at the end of Floodgate Road in Glendora, opposite the Gabreil Daveis Tavern. Turn east on 4th Ave from the Blackhorse Pike (Dunkin Donuts is on the corner) and drive four blocks to get to Floodgate Road. Turn right. The garden has 37 plots available to rent, each of which is about 10 ft. by 12 ft. in size. The rental charge is $20 per year. Compost and water are provided by the township.

A community garden is a place to grow food, flowers and herbs in the company of friends and neighbors. For some, it is a place to reconnect with nature or get physical exercise. Others use community gardens because they lack adequate space or appropriate conditions to have a garden at their house, condo, or apartment. Regardless of why you are choosing to take part in our community garden, the privilege comes with both responsibilities and rewards.

Successful community gardens rely on the dedication of each and every gardener to maintain his or her own plot and contribute to the upkeep and management of the entire garden, such as participating in the spring and fall cleanups of the of the garden, and by following guidelines provided by the township.

Community gardening has the potential to offer a range of benefits to individuals, families, communities, and the environment. Some of the benefits are pesticide-free, high-quality vegetables and fruits to eat, better nutrition from eating more vegetables and fruits, physical exercise which helps improve overall physical health, and interacting with plants and nature which can help reduce stress as well as increase a gardener’s sense of wellness and belonging.

Community gardens foster a sense of community identity and stewardship among gardeners. They also provide a place for people of diverse backgrounds to interact and share cultural traditions.
The environment benefits because of increased biodiversity, reduced runoff from rain, recycled organic materials that enrich the soil, and reduced fossil fuel use from long distance food transport.

People of all ages can acquire and share skills and knowledge related to gardening, cooking, nutrition, health, culture, etc.
Community gardens can provide a place for high school students and scouts to learn about and participate in the Sustainable New Jersey program

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