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Waste Management General Number: 1-800-633-9096 (customer service) resident account number 49856022

  • Trash Collection

GTMUA 856-227-5665 or 856-227-8666

  • Grass clippings and leaves (weekly 3/15-10/31).
  • Recycling every other week.

Public Works Dept. 856-228-3144 or 856-228-4000 ext. 5101

  • No collections on Friday.
  • Air Conditioners, Freezers, & Refrigerators, white goods, electronics can be dropped off or call for pick-up.
  • Brush, Dirt/Sod & Garden/Lawn Debris (every other week).
  • Leaves (every other week 11/1-3/14)
  • Grass (every other week 11/1-3/14)

For delivery to Gloucester Township residents and businesses at wholesale prices, call us at 856-227-5665 or 856-227-8666.

The Gloucester Township Municipal Utilities Authority (GTMUA) provides environmental and public works services for the residents of Gloucester Township.


The GTMUA operates a state-of-the-art composting facility that recycles leaves and grass into high quality compost and topsoil that is sold to the public. Municipalities and commercial landscapers are encouraged to inquire about the disposal of leaves and grass. Please click here if you are interested in buying high quality compost or topsoil from the GTMUA or call 856-227-5665 or 856-227-8666.


The GTMUA collects all of the recyclable materials in Gloucester Township including paper, glass and plastic. From March 15 through October 31, the GTMUA also collects leaves and grass. The GTMUA now has a drop-off location for glass, metal, paper, cardboard and plastic materials at the GTMUA center located at 71 Landing Road. Excess recyclables may be brought to the center for proper recycling.


The GTMUA operates the municipal sewer collection system. The system  includes 300 miles of pipe and 50 pumping stations that transport 5 million gallons of sewage per day from Gloucester Township to Camden County’s regional treatment plant.


For delivery to Gloucester Township residents and businesses at wholesale prices, call us at 856-227-5665 or 8562278666.


View Recycling in a larger map. Please contact the GTMUA for any questions.
This map is intended for references purposes only and is subject to change.


Additional 96-gallon recycling carts are available for free through the GTMUA. All recycling carts are the property of Gloucester Township and must be left at your house if you move. Recycling carts used for any other purpose other than recyclable materials will be confiscated. Carts broken by Township crews will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the GTMUA. If the carts are broken by a resident, they will be responsible for replacement or repair. Please, do not put any markings on your cart as it is township property; each cart has an identification number and a RFID tag that corresponds with your address.

**Please contact the GTMUA regarding recycling issues at 856-227-8666**


Use your cart space wisely, compress and flatten recyclables to maximize cart space. All recyclable material must fit in cart with the lid closed in order to be picked up; any recycling material left outside the recycling cart will not be collected. Any oversized cardboard that cannot be broken down, call GTMUA for a scheduled pickup. Township issued carts only, will be collected every other week at curb side. The newly supplied 96-gallon recycling cart is for glass, metal, plastic recyclables and all residential paper (No plastic trash bags). All containers should be empty and rinsed. All residents are reminded that recycling is mandatory statewide. By removing recyclable from the regular trash flow, we help save our environment and save tax dollars that would otherwise be spent on trash disposal fees. See the list below.


The GTMUA now has a drop-off location for glass, metal, paper, cardboard and plastic materials at the GTMUA center located at 71 Landing Road. Excess recyclables may be brought to the center for proper recycling.


DO RECYCLE: glass containers that were previously used for food or beverages. The containers may be clear, brown, or green glass.
DO NOT INCLUDE: auto glass, ceramics, drinking glasses, window glass, mirrors, light bulbs or any broken glass.


DO RECYCLE: Aluminum, tin or bi-metal that were previously used as food and beverage containers.
DO NOT INCLUDE: aerosol cans, coat hangers, pots, pans or scrap metals.


DO RECYCLE: Plastic that displays either #1, #2, #4, #5, #7 inside the triangle recycling emblem on the bottom. These containers could have been used for juice, soda, water, milk and laundry detergent.

DO NOT INCLUDE: antifreeze or auto oil containers, children’s toys, flower pots, laundry baskets/buckets, plastic bags, plastic plates or utensils, utensils, styrofoam, vinyl. Plastic shopping bags can be returned to many stores for recycling.


DO RECYCLE: Paper such as newspaper and all of its inserts, catalogs, chipboard (beer & soda cartons), cereal boxes, computer paper, envelopes, gift boxes, greeting cards, junk mail, magazines, non-metallic wrapping paper, office paper, paper toilet/towel rolls, clean pizza boxes, phone books, shredded paper*, text books (without hard covers) and work books. Also, all types of flattened/cut down corrugated cardboard (so cart will completely close) that are not waxed or coated are recyclable.

DO NOT INCLUDE: foil or wax coated cardboard (ice cream containers and frozen juice cartons), napkins, paper cups, plates, tissues, and towels.

*Please note: continue to put shredded paper in brown paper bag and staple closed, so it will not blow out of cart into the street while unloading.


Brush must be cut into 3ft lengths and tied into bundles not to exceed 50 pounds (as per Ordinance Chapter 55-7). Brush will be collected by Public Works during the week that includes a section’s regular every other week recycling day with the exception of Friday, which will be picked up on Thursdays instead.


Stumps are collected every 2-4 weeks. Residents are to notify the Public Works Department at 228-3144 prior to pick up.


Grass clippings will be collected as follows: 3/15-10/31 – GTMUA collects WEEKLY on the same day of week as your regular recycling day. Put clippings in a yellow recycling bucket, two handled container, a compostable brown lawn bag or a trash bag left untied at the curb. Maximum weight for each bag or container is 40 pounds with a maximum of 20 bags per week. 11/1-3/14 – GTPW collects EVERY OTHER WEEK on your regular recycling day with the exception of Friday which will be picked up on Thursday. GTPW will not accept trash bags. Please note: grass clippings generated by a commercial landscaper will not be collected.


Leaves will be collected as follows: 1/1-3/14 – GTPW collects EVERY OTHER WEEK on your regular recycling day with the exception of Friday which will be picked up on Thursday. 3/15-10/31 – GTMUA collects WEEKLY on the same day as your regular recycling day. Put leaves in a two handled container, a compostable brown lawn bag or a trash bag left untied at the curb. Maximum weight for each bag or container is 40 pounds with a maximum of 20 bags per week. 11/1-12/31 – GTPW collects according to the fall leaf schedule. Residents are reminded to rake their leaves to the curbside only during the fall leaf schedule.


Dirt/sod and garden/lawn debris (mulch, pulled grass/weeds, plants, and twigs) must be in a separate brown lawn bag or container from grass/leaves. This collection by Public Works is on regular recycling day with the exception of Friday which will be picked up on Thursday. Make sure any bucket used, has two handles and is no larger than 32-gallons. Keep brush/debris separate from grass clippings and leaves.


Refrigerators, freezers, stoves, ovens, washers, dryers, water heaters and air conditioners are collected every Wednesday. Residents should call Public Works by Monday to schedule a Wednesday curbside pick-up. Remove the doors of all appliances prior to leaving at curbside.



Motor oil, car batteries and anti-freeze may be brought to the Public Works Department at 1729 Erial Road (just past College Drive).



Concrete, brick or rubble may also be disposed of at the Public Works garage, but there is no curbside pick-up of this material. Residents must show the office personnel proof of Township residency and job-site verification.




Residents are to notify Public Works at 856-228-3144 prior to pick-up.




Waste Management Act makes it mandatory to recycle all electronics as of January 1, 2011. Household electronics can be brought to the Public Works Building between the hours of 8 AM-4 PM, Monday through Thursday. Residents may call Public Works for large pick-ups. Proof of residency required.

We accept 15, 17, 19, 21 inch monitors, flat screens and all-in-ones; towers, desktops and laptops; uninterrupted power supply; keyboards, mouse and speakers; all type of wire; gold clip ends; printers, fax machines, scanners, modems, copy machines; all type of memory; any hard drives; fans and power supplies; mother, B, C, tweener and finger boards; AC adaptors, yokes and motor; plastic, baled or loose; aluminum, brass, light iron and copper; metals, baled or loose; any and all related computer parts; phones, cell phones, cell phone and laptop batteries; PC scrap and stereos (no wood); VCR’s, DVD’s, CD players, boomboxes; any audio and visual equipment, scanners and pagers; cash registers and scales (electronic or mechanical); rechargeable batteries; household appliance not containing compressors.



includes automotive liquids, chemicals, fuels, household cleaners, paint related products (oil paints), pesticides and solvents. These hazardous materials cannot be disposed of with your regular trash. The Camden County Division of Environmental Affairs will take your hazardous materials. Please check their website or call 856-858-5241 for their locations and drop-off dates. One will be held in Gloucester Twp at Camden County College. Water based only latex paint (cleans up with soap & water) can be disposed of in your regular trash once it’s dried out. To achieve the drying out technique; put a strong plastic bag in a cardboard box, then place kitty litter or sand into the plastic bag. Pour the water based paint into the plastic bag. If needed, add more kitty litter or sand. When the paint is dried out, tie the plastic bag and discard into the trash. When the inside of the empty paint can is hardened, you may dispose of it in the regular trash with the lid off.



DO NOT RECYCLE: Use a needle clipper (from pharmacy). After clipping off the needle put in an old coffee can or detergent bottle and seal original lid shut with duct tape. Write on container, “syringes-do not recycle” and throw in trash.



Medication may be disposed of at the Police Station. They have a mail box slot that is to be used to discard unwanted medications.


Check the schedule to determine your designated recycling dates. Recyclables will be collected every other week. Your recyclables must be put out no earlier than 4pm the day prior to collection, but no later than 5am on the collection day. There will be no recycling collection on the following Holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Recyclables will be collected on the following work day for those holidays only. All other recycling collection days in the holiday week stay the same (Do not wait an extra day). The Holidays above are in parentheses and the alternate collection date follows the arrow; (holiday)>collection date.

MONDAY 1: Black Horse Pike (from Front St. to Evesham Rd.), Evesham Rd. (from Rt. 41 to Randy Rd.), Fernwood, Glendora, Whitebirch. Jan. (2)>3, 16, 30; Feb. 13, 27; Mar. 13, 27; Apr. 10, 24; May 8, 22; Jun. 5, 19; Jul. 3, 17, 31; Aug. 14, 28; Sep. 11, 25; Oct. 9, 23; Nov. 6, 20; Dec. 4, 18.

MONDAY 2: Broadmoor West, Black Horse Pike (from Rt. 42 overpass to Front St.), Chews Landing Rd., Echo Park, Glen Oaks, Hider Lane, Hilltop, Kingswood Estates, Knights Bridge, Laurel Springs Gardens, Little Gloucester Rd. (from Chews Landing Rd. to Hider Lane), Lower Landing Rd. (from Rt. 42 overpass to Black Horse Pike), Old Black Horse Pike, Oxen Hill, Pine Run, Pristine Farms, St. James Court, Village of Chews Landing. Jan. 9, 23; Feb. 6, 20; Mar. 6, 20; Apr. 3, 17; May 1, 15, (29)>30; Jun. 12, 26; Jul. 10, 24;
Aug. 7, 21; Sep. (4)>5, 18; Oct. 2, 16, 30; Nov. 13, 27; Dec. 11, (25)>26.

TUESDAY 1: Asten Ridge, Asten Woods, Brittany Woods, Cobblestone, Country Aire, Cross Keys Rd. (from Johnson Rd. to
Williamstown Rd.), Debbie Court, Felicia Court, Gloucester Chase, Gloucester Farms, Jarvis Rd. (from Sicklerville Rd. to Williamstown
Rd.), Johnson Rd., Kingsgate, Lake Renee, Mayfair Meadows, Mayfair Woods, Meadowbrook, Mill Ct., Mulberry Station, Pine Glen, Reserve at Cobblestone, Revere Run I, Sicklerville Rd. (from CrossKeys Rd. to Jarvis Rd.), SpringHollow, SpringValley, TwinStreams, ValleyStream, Village of Cross Keys, Williamstown Rd. (from CrossKeys Rd. to Jarvis), Woodhill, Woods Edge. Jan. 3, 17, 31; Feb. 14, 28; Mar. 14, 28; Apr. 11, 25; May 9, 23; Jun. 6, 20; Jul. (4)>5, 18; Aug. 1, 15, 29; Sep. 12, 26; Oct. 10, 24; Nov. 7, 21; Dec. 5, 19.

TUESDAY 2: Breckenridge Village, Brookwood, Cottage Gate, Country Oaks, Cross Keys Rd. (from Williamstown Rd. to Kearsley Rd.), Danbury Park, Dresden Downs, Erial Clementon Rd., Forest Ridge, Gable Court, Hickstown Rd. (from Little Mill Rd. to Jarvis Rd.), Jarvis Rd. (from Williamstown Rd. to Kearsley Rd.), Kearsley Rd., New Brooklyn Rd., Persia Court, Point Pleasant Farms, Sawood, Sturbridge Oaks, Senators Walk (Sweet Briar Woods), Wye Oak Village. Jan. 10, 24; Feb. 7, 21; Mar. 7, 21; Apr. 4, 18; May 2, 16, 30; Jun. 13, 27; July 11, 25; Aug. 8, 22; Sept. 5, 19; Oct. 3, 17, 31; Nov. 14, 28; Dec. 12, 26.

WEDNESDAY 1: Ballantree, Catalina Hills, Evesham Rd. (from Randy Rd. to Englewood Dr.,) Trace Dr., Timberline, Wilson Tract, Somerdale Rd. (from McKinley Ave. to Warwick Rd.) Jan. 4, 18; Feb. 1, 15; Mar. 1, 15, 29; Apr. 12, 26; May 10, 24; Jun. 7, 21; July 5, 19; Aug. 2, 16, 30; Sept. 13, 27; Oct. 11, 25; Nov. 8, 22; Dec. 6, 20.

WEDNESDAY 2: Autumn Court, Broadmoor, Charles Ave, Chewswyck, Eyres Place, Lampost Ln, Morgan Hill Estates, Somerdale Rd (from Chews Lnd Rd to McKinley Ave.), Somer Hill, Spring Ridge Court, Sterling Estates, Stonegate, Woodbridge. Jan. 11, 25; Feb. 8, 22; Mar. 8, 22; Apr. 5, 19; May 3, 17, 31; Jun. 14, 28; Jul. 12, 26; Aug. 9, 23; Sep. 6, 20; Oct. 4, 18; Nov. 1, 15, 29; Dec. 13, 27.

THURSDAY 1: Ashford Glen, Brantley Way, Chestnut Glen (Highland Village), Clementona, Davistown Rd. (from Rt.42 underpass to Erial Rd.), Dunleigh, Four Seasons (Reserve at Forest Meadows), Garwood Rd., Grenloch, Grenloch Little Gloucester Rd., (College Dr.), Hickstown Rd. (from Sicklerville Rd. to Erial Rd.), Lambs Terrace, Marcia Ct., Mimosa Ct, Morningstar Ct., On the Green, Peter Cheeseman Rd., Raintree, Revere Run II, Sicklerville Rd. (from Jarvis Rd. to Rt. 42 overpass), Stonebridge, Terrestria, Westfield Chase, Williamstown Rd. (from Jarvis Rd. to New Brooklyn Rd.), Woodshire, Wyntree. Jan. 5, 19; Feb. 2, 16; Mar. 2, 16, 30; Apr. 13, 27; May 11, 25; Jun. 8, 22; Jul. 6, 20; Aug. 3, 17, 31; Sep. 14, 28; Oct. 12, 26; Nov. 9, (23)>24; Dec. 7, 21.

THURSDAY 2: Blackwood Clementon Rd. (from Little Gloucester Rd. to Laurel Rd.), Briar Lake, Broad Acres, Cameron Circle, Cherrywood, Daystar, Deer Park, Downs Ave., Erial Rd. (from Garwood to Little Gloucester), Fox Chase, Greenbriar, Hickstown Rd. (from Erial Rd. to Little Mill Rd.), Hidden Mill, Kelly Driver Rd., Lamotte Court, Laurel Hills, Laurel Wood Estates, Little Mill Rd., Millbridge, Murray Hill Estates, Rosegate, Southgate Woods, Quail Hollow, Westgate Woods, Windmill Dr., Winter Hill, York Terrace. Jan. 12, 26; Feb. 9, 23; Mar. 9, 23; Apr. 6, 20; May 4, 18; Jun. 1, 15, 29; Jul. 13, 27; Aug. 10, 24; Sep. 7, 21; Oct, 5, 19; Nov. 2, 16, 30; Dec. 14, 28.

FRIDAY 1: Amber Ct., Blackwood, Blackwood Estates, Black Horse Pike (from Grenloch Little Gloucester Rd. to Clementon Ave.), Church St. (and all off streets), Davistown Rd. (from Blackhorse Pike to Rt. 42 underpass), Fanelli Lane, Grenloch Manor, Lakeland Rd., Liberty Park (Blackwood Manor). Jan. 6, 20; Feb. 3, 17; Mar. 3, 17, 31; Apr. 14, 28; May 12, 26; Jun. 9, 23; Jul. 7, 21; Aug. 4, 18; Sept. 1, 15, 29; Oct. 13, 27; Nov. 10, 24; Dec. 8, 22.

FRIDAY 2: Almonesson Rd., Black Horse Pike (from Clementon Ave. to Rt. 42 overpass), Blenheim, Blenheim Farms, Brooklyn Ct., Coles Hill, Coles Rd., Erial Rd., (from Little Gloucester Rd. to Blackwood Clementon Rd.), Highland Park, Foxboro, Glen Eagles, Good Intent Rd., Little Gloucester Rd. (from Hider Lane to Erial Rd.), Lower Landing Rd. (from Almonesson Rd. to Rt. 42 overpass), Peters Walk, Players Place, Tall Oaks, Timber Cove, Valley Brook, Woodmill Pond. Jan. 13, 27; Feb. 10, 24; Mar. 10, 24; Apr. 7, 21; May 5, 19; June 2, 16, 30; July 14, 28; Aug. 11, 25; Sept. 8, 22; Oct. 6, 20; Nov. 3, 17; Dec. 1, 15, 29.

Frequently Asked Questions
How should I set my cart out for collection?
Carts placed on the curb must be no more than 2ft from the street. If placed in street; wheels should be touching the curb. Arrows on the lid must be pointing towards street. Cart must be at least 5ft away from any obstacles. Automated collection requires a 15 foot overhead clearance. The lid must be fully closed. Carts must always be on level ground (no snow piles).

Can the recycling cart be returned?
No, it is the law to recycle, residents may not return the cart.

How can I obtain an additional cart for multi-family units?
Call the GTMUA for requests at 856-227-5665.

Can I paint my cart or change my cart lid?
No, the carts are Township property. The lid may not be removed.

What should I do with my old yellow recycling bucket?
It may be used for brush/yard debris or grass/leaves pick up.

How do I get an additional recycling cart?

Additional carts can be obtained from the GTMUA for free.
See telephone number below.


GTMUA 856-227-5665 or 856-227-8666

  • Grass clippings (weekly 3/15-10/31)
  • Leaves (weekly 3/15-10/31)
  • Recycling every other week

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