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General Notes and Data Sources:

The Gloucester Township Municipal Mapping is for demonstration purposes only, any use of this product with respect to accuracy and precision shall be the sole responsibility of the end user.

The areas, boundaries and details, shown on these maps, are referenced, in part, from ground surveys, aerial surveys and recorded plans, tax assessment maps and documents, and are to be used for reference purposes only.

Additional cadastral feature mapping data, such as, waterways, roadways, railroads, aerial orthophotography, etc. was obtained from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). This secondary product has not been verified by (NJDEP) and is not state-authorized.

All positions are based on the following:

  • NAD 83 (horizontal datum)
  • New Jersey State Plane Coordinate System
  • English units (feet)

The geodetic accuracy and precision of the Geographic Information System (GIS) data contained in this mapping has not been developed nor verified by a professional licensed land surveyor and shall not be nor is intended to be used in matters requiring delineation and location of true ground horizontal and/or vertical controls.

These maps were prepared by Remington & Vernick Engineers and the information depicted was adopted and approved by the appropriate Gloucester Township municipal office/department.

All municipal mapping prepared is the property of Gloucester Township and, if applicable, states the following: “Not for distribution, no reproduction without permission by Gloucester Township or its representative”. For further information, please contact Gloucester Township: (856) 374-3514.




It is recommended to use Internet Explorer for full functionality of this feature.

Gloucester Township Municipal Map Access Instructions:

1. Download and install Adobe Reader, if you do not already have program.

2. Once the “Tax Map” link opens to the maps, double click on the Index Map to open the PDF file.

3. Once opened, click on the “Selection Tool” icon and then hover over the area of the Index “Key Map” (1, 2 or 3) you wish to see in Gloucester Township.

4. Click on that area of the Index Map and that Key Map (1, 2 or 3) will open displaying more detail including the tax map sheet number, block number, street name, etc.

5. Using the same “Selection Tool” icon, click on the “sheet number” to open and display the tax map sheet detailing your subject property.

6. Once the “Tax Map” sheet is opened, you can then “Pan,” “Zoom,” and “Print” the entire sheet or the “current view” that you zoomed to as needed.

7. When finished, just close the window of the opened file and browse back to the “Key Map” file(s) and use the “Selection Tool” icon and click on another “Tax Map” sheet, if needed or you can close the program and exit if done.





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